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Social Events:
City celebrations, festivals and sports events
Event Marketing:
New product presentations; advertising, branding and PR activities and re-branding-related events
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Open Days, professional holidays, team building events, summer picnics, incentive programs and New Year celebration
Business Events:
Guest nights for partners and customers, dealer conferences, field conferences and forums
«We are working for 4 years now on this project and I led several projects before coming to Russia and especially Fashion-show. I have to be honest with you and let you know that so far, this show, was most probably one of the best overall shows. I appreciated your reactivity, your involvement, your professionalism, flexibility and your listening which are certainly the main qualities for an agency»
Sandrine Moreau, Marketing Director
Capital Partners
«On behalf of all our staff, I am writing to thank you for your efforts and the great celebration you delivered. It was a real pleasure for all of us to cooperate with you: you kept deadlines for all suggestions we would have, you were putting your heart and soul in in each endeavour. Your participation in our celebration made it yet more eye-catching and entertaining. All our guests spoke highly of the valuable contribution your company had made into the success of our event. Thank you for your»
Svetlana Shirina
«This is definitely another solid expression of appreciation for your track record. Throughout one month’s duration of the event, I never doubted for a moment that we would deliver on all our tasks and objectives»
Natalia Palko
«Thanks to the professionalism of Citrus Event Agency, a very advantageous venue and frictionless management of the event, our clients enjoyed the unforgettable car presentation. Many valuable efforts of yours went into this evening – so it would be long remembered, especially because of the unique atmosphere it created»
Maria Barsukova
«I am certain that Safety & Eco 2011 can be regarded as one of our best projects. I am looking forward to our further cooperation – so you will continue to serve us as our provider of such high quality events»
Edward Feinstein, Marketing manager
«I attended a really fascinating event: the Russian audience liked everything! As a representative of a nation that puts quality above all, I can only admit that the event was held impeccably. Everyone was happy and really pleased»
Tatsumi Yoshino, Chief Representative
«The test-drive and the conference were very well delivered. It is good to note that the conference level has been on the rise, level with the industry development rates. Thanks to this event, I was able to establish and sustain a few important contacts. Separately, I want to mention food during the test drive. Seemingly a mere support thing, it was plentiful and tasty so it worked for the mood of all guests and enhanced the overall effectiveness of the event. I appreciate greatly the organisers.»
Dmitry Boone, Marketing Manager
«A brilliant event, which gave me the opportunity to meet and discuss with colleagues a range of professional issues. Everything was organised at the highest level, and not a single glitch ever happened»
Vladimir V. Mill
Gazprom Neft
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Office 1
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