VIACOM stand

We have fully developed VIACOM Russia’s stand at the exhibition dedicated to TV communications.
23 January 2016
If you like any TV channel, most likely, it belongs to VIACOM.

You can show everything on a properly assembled stand. Including the work of the world’s sixth largest media conglomerate

For the CSTB exhibition, we concentrated on significant things only. For example, in navigation, light is more important that both color and signs. That’s why we used illumination-based elements to highlight everything that needs attention. Mascots are strikingly harder to miss than their images, so the hall was full of Nickelodeon characters. An international exhibition made for 10 000 people meant we had to do everything to make the very logic of the stand as functional and easy to understand as possible. Everyone should grasp what Viacom is after just the first quick glance.

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